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Teacher Cum Academic Staff

Teacher Cum Academic Staff

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Teacher management tasks:

  • Be responsible for all teacher recruitment process

  • Take charge of training new teachers

  • Arrange teachers as well as substitute teachers for classes

  • Prepare training materials & reference materials for teachers

  • Assist Academic Team Leader in calculating monthly teacher salary

  • Assist Academic Team Leader in class supervision

  • Assist Academic Team Leader in teacher evaluation

Program development tasks:

  • Develop training programs, method and materials with Academic Team Leader

  • Do research on training materials

Teaching tasks:

  • Take charge of teaching for some classes

Other tasks assigned by Academic Team Leader

  • Excellent English, especially English pronunciation & communication skills

  • Good teaching skills and able to manage class learning environment

  • Passionate with English & Teaching jobs

  • Responsible and able to work under high pressure

  • Good organizing skills & controlling skills


  • English Training Degrees or English Language Research

  • Experienced in teaching English

  • Experienced in using daily English at work or working with native speakers

  • Experienced in the same position at other language schools.

  • Salary is appropriate with individual performance and will be assessed for salary increase at least one time per year.
  • Having opportunities to be trained in English as well as other job skills on a yearly basis.
  • Enjoying adequately policies regulated by the Government including holidays, social insurance, health insurance and life insurance
  • Enjoying company’s other policies: Yearly excursions and vacations; Organizing outdoor teambuilding activities at least once a year; Organizing socializing activities, talent competitions to celebrate: 8/3, 20/10 or 20/11…
  • Having the day offs including holidays as well as every Sunday and 02 Saturdays per month pursuant to Government’s regulations.
  • Supportive and challenging environment that help nurture personal capacities and further career development within visionary development plan of the company. Each employee is engaged with thorough training scheme, assigned with necessary resources and trust to fulfill the jobs. It can be said that there is no limit to your personal development and career advancement. It is the employee’s ability, attitude and result that decide his or her development.
  • Professional and well-established working pattern characterized with highly standardized workflows and procedures with determination to compete with big foreign and professional companies. Our company and employees are equipped with professional and modern information system to support, coordinate and standardize operation across departments and branches such as ECM (Enterprise Content Management), BPM (Business Process Management) for general operation as well as specific, functional systems like Helpdesk, CRM, Email Marketing…



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