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AROMA Ha Dong speaking club- 09/06/2013

AROMA Ha Dong speaking club- 09/06/2013

Hey, guys. What’s up at aroma speaking club this Sunday? I bet you’d love to know about it.

Time: 14:30 – 17:00 PM Sunday, July 9th, 2013

Location: Hai Son Cafe- Xa La Resident- Ha Dong District.


(1) Warm up in circle:

People standing in circle and start conversations with opposite person to find out and exchange information to understand more about members of the club.

 Learn structure to ask and answer about your jobs, workplace, hobbies…

(2) Survey

Conduct survey within members of club about such issues as wars, superheroes, ghosts, ethics…

 Learn skills and structures used in survey such as:

– Excuse me, I’m doing a survey on __________. Would it be OK if I asked you a few questions?

– The majority of the people in this class . . .

– Most people in this class …

(3) Good news, bad news

You are an employee in a company that has expanded overseas. Your boss has just come back from an overseas factory in India. Your boss has given you some good news and some bad news about the overseas factory. You must relay the news to other coworkers. Use the conversation on the activity sheets as a guide.

For registration, click here:

Hotline: 0904.597.827 (Ms An Nguyen),  email: [email protected]

aromatiếng anh cho người đi làm.


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