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ASK Plan – Sunday 26th of August 2012

ASK Plan – Sunday 26th of August 2012

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Dear my friends,

Life is full of ups and downs. Either prices in Vietnam. Particularly petrol price. Mostly up, huh?

At the time the world’s petrol price goes up around 8%, its price in Vietnam is rising up to 27,4%.

And, “Petrol cost in Vietnam is at the lowest of the whole world”, “Petrol companies can not sustain the losses any more, that’s the reason we raise the cost selling out”.

Few weeks ago, the Ministry of Finance agreed on rising VND 1,100 for each petrol liter.

  • What was your first thought coming into your mind when this happened?
  • How does such a high price affect your daily life?
  • How could you deal with that?

At ASK – Aroma Speaking Klub this Sunday, above-mentioned topic will be carried out for discussion. Besides, we will surely have other games as well as role-plays.

Time: 9:00 – 11:00AM Sunday, August 26th 2012.

Location: aroma – 49 Hoang Van Thu, Phu Nhuan, Saigon


  • Any interests should comment for attendance at the end of the page.
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