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ASK says hi to Saigon!

ASK says hi to Saigon!

Cau lac bo tieng anh ask

Hi there,

aroma has been in Saigon for around 7 months. And it is almost the good time for ASKaroma speaking klub get into its operation. Curious about how it works? Let’s come this weekend to check it out!

Time: 9:00 – 11:00AM Sunday, July 29th 2012.

Location: aroma – 49 Hoang Van Thu, Phu Nhuan, Saigon

In order to make it clear from very start, the club specializes only in professional English, and just for working people or final-year students who are supposed to get into work soon.

Therefore, its contents, of course, will closely relate to workplace situations. They are designed for only working people, and completely focused on you. English learning is not easy with most of workers, however, it would be much easier to learn it in an entertaining ways. Join ask and find it out.

Here below are activities for this Sunday ASK:

Activity 1: Well, get up early on Sunday morning? Quite sleepy? Wanna an exercise? Then, get up, let’s rock it with an exciting game!

Activity 2: Discussion and negotiation play an important role at workplace. Negotiation about salary, with customers, for selling your products, for agreement persuading. We should together sit down, put ourselves into some actual situations, play with them, discuss and check them out how it goes in reality.

Activity 3: An English useful game? You know a lot of English words? How do you enrich your English vocabulary? When you talk to a foreign guy, and you can’t find a suitable word, what do you do then? Keep thinking? Or just work it out by explaining in a different way? Well, I give you a word, used words and describe it. Let’s check how good you can do.


  • Any interests should comment for attendance at the end of the page.
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