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ASK Plan – Sunday 11th of September

ASK Plan – Sunday 11th of September

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How was your holiday?  Hope you have a good time with your loved families. And, ready for ASK this Sunday, huh?

Time: 9:00 – 11:00AM Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Location: aroma – 15A/136 Trung Liet, Dong Da, Hanoi

Activity 01: Warm-up
Each person will have a card on which the name of a famous person is written. Members will go around the class, asking Yes and No questions to find out who they are.

Activity 01:  
Business negotiation
When it comes to do business, people have to negotiate with their partners, customers and colleagues about the policies, cooperation, prices etc to reach their goals. ASK guys, let’s try your best to be the winner in negotiation.

Activity 01:
Your company is going to organize an event to celebrate its birthday. Many problems in terms of finance, human resources and organizing arise during the preparation. Work in goups of 3 people and let us know your solutions.

Actually, ASK outdoor should be held last weekend. However, it was holiday, so it will be moved to 25th of September. So we should today discuss its details togther. For online discussion, visit http://aroma.vn/cau-lac-bo-tieng-anh-ask-2509/


  • Any interests should comment for attendance at the end of the page.
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  • Mai Xuan Truong

    Mai minh dang ky tham gia duoc khong ah. Minh co tham gia 2-3 lan ASKer ngay dau tai My Dinh va la thanh vien lop B66. Co gi bao lai nhe, tks!

  • Nguyen Van Hong

    Hi there. Thanks for inform me every week. i love it. I’d like to join ASK this week. Please keep me in members list this sunday….pls… Catch you soon!

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