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Tự học tiếng anh cơ bản qua video phim Extra tập 2

Tự học tiếng anh cơ bản qua video phim Extra tập 2

Trong tập 1 cuả bộ phim Extra, chúng ta đã được xem nhiều tình huống hài hước như chú chó Charley dành giải nhất chương trình “Dog show”, hay kẻ trộm không ai ngờ tới chính là gã Philip. Những tình huống “dở khóc, dở cười” và những đoạn hội thoại dí dỏm sẽ tiếp tục trong tập 2. Hãy tự học tiếng anh cơ bản qua video phim Extra tập 2 cùng với Aroma nhé!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zbx9zxZNFGE

Lời thoại
–  Hector

–  Yes?

–  Please could you pass the salt?

–  Yes

–  Hector

–  Yes?

–  Please could you pass the pepper?

–  Of course

–  Hector

–  Let me guess. Can I pass the sugar, coffee, tea?

–  Actually, I was going to say we should talk

–  So, now you want to talk to me!

–  It’s only been a week!

–  I was hurt!

–  Well, you hurt me too

–  I didn’t go out with Eunice! (x2)

–  Yes, you did! And you stayed out till three o’clock in the morning!

–  There were other people there, too

–  Who?

–  People who work on the program

–  You mean other women who work on the program

–  Yes, and men – why not, huh?

–  I knew it!

–  So, who is she?

–  Who?

–  The other woman

–  There is no other woman!

–  Huh!

–  Annie, listen

–  Excuse me

–  Hello. Hi, Debbie

–  How are you? Good

–  OK, that’ll be OK. Perfect! See you then

–  Bye

–  So, was that her?

–  Who?

–  Debbie. The other woman

–  That was Debbie from the make – up department confirming my call time for tomorrow

–  Some excuse!

–  Hector

–  Yes

–  Please could you pass me your fork?

–  Here, I’m going. You can have my dinner!

–  You should have seen Eunice’s face

–  She was furious!

–  When Eunice gets angry, she is a very scary lady!

–  Hello

–  Yes

–  Excuse me. No, no, to her…

–  Bye, Bridget

–  All right. Hector, Bye

–  Hola, Lola!

–  Guess what?

–  Price William wants to marry you?

–  I know that! No, I’ve got a promotion!

–  That’s nice

–  Nice? Nice!

–  It’s fantastic! I am editor of Channel 9 Live!

–  Eunice is longer my boss!

–  Is that Hugh Grant?

–  It’s Bridget Evans here. Call me Gigi, editor of Channel 9 Live

–         Are we still on for lunch at Claridge’s today?

–         Fab! Ciao!

–         Eunice is so jealous!

–         Now, that is good news

–         Annie, what are you doing?

–         I’m doing my own editing

–         Why are you cutting up photos of you and Hector?

–         Because Hector is no longer my boyfriend

–         Really?

–         Why?

–         Because he is having an affair!

–         Really?! Who with?

–         Well, I thought it was Eunice, but now I think it’s Debbie

–         Well, I just heard him on the phone to Lola

–         Lola? Who’s she?

–         Ha! Eunice, Debbie, Lola!

–         He’s women mad!

–  What are you doing?

–  I am not doing, I am being

–  What are you being?

–  Can’t you guess?

–  A man on the toilet?

–  A Sumo wrestler?

–  Can’t you see? I am an egg

–  Of course, you are an egg

–  Now, what sort of egg am I?

–  Hard – boiled

–  Scrambled

–  Scambled?

–  Fried

–  Nearly!

–  Poached!

–  Yeah, of course. You are a poached egg

–  Yeah

–  Well, you’re making a mess on your bed

–  Anyway, why are you being a poached egg?

–  It’s my new acting class

–  Total being

–  What are you next week? A piece of wood?

–  A piece of wood?

–  Yeah Then it would be wooden acting!

–  Anyway, can poached eggs talk?

–  Don’t be silly! Of course poached eggs can’t talk

–  No, no, I mean

–  When you are “being” a poached egg, can you talk?

–  Yeah

–  Anyway, I want to stop now, my arms are hurting

–  So, what do you want to talk about?

–  It is Annie

–  She thinks I am having an affair

–  Who with?

–  Eunice

–  And Debbie

–  What?

–  Two women, Hector!

–  You cheeky thing!

–  But I am not!

–  So tell Annie then

–  I have but she doesn’t believe me

–  Why not?

–  I don’t know

–  Excuse me

–  Hola, Lola

–  I’ll take this outside

–  How are you, Lola?

–  So, it’s not Eunice. It’s not Debbie, could it be – Lola?

–  Hello again

–  Hello

–  We meet again

–  You’re happier today

–  Yes, I am now….but I am sorry!

–  I parked here, so you would come back

–  You wanted to see me again?

–  You are so beautiful!

–  Well, I’m sorry but I am going to have to give you…

–  No

–  This…

–  My phone number

–  Call me

–  Who needs Hector?

–  Hi, Bridget!

–  What “oh”?

–  I know – Superman!

–  What?

–  I mean, Clark Kent

–  You are being Clark Kent, for your acting class

–  No, I’m not. I’m long – sighted

–  You’re being long – sighted?

–  No. I am long – sighted. I need to wear glasses for reading

–  They suit you

–  Thank you. So, why are you not at Channel 9 today?

–  I’m working from home today

–  I’ve so much to do!

–  Bridget! What is the matter?

–  I can’t do it! Eunice hates me!

–  Eunice hates everybody!

–  They all hate me!

–  No, they don’t

–  They all look at me!

–  Bridget, you are their boss

–  I have to use the executive too!

–  What’s the matter with that?

–  I want to chat to all the girls!

–  Bridget…You are one of the cleverest, most beautiful women I know

–  Really?

–  Well, who are the others?

–  What do you mean?

–  You said I was only one of the cleverest, most beautiful girls you know

–  Bridget! You can do this job

–  Channel 9 needs you

–  Thank you, Nick

–  Hey, it was nothing

–  You really look handsome in those glasses

–  You look smart

–  Yes, I am going to meet someone

–  Annie, I have something to tell you

–  Sorry, Lola!

–  Vale, Si, si, ya voy

–  Hasta luego

–  “Annie, I have something to tell you”

–  That he is going on a date with Lola! That’s what!

–  Nick, stop it! You’re tickling me!

–  Hi, Annie. I didn’t hear you come in

–  Nick! Stop it!

–  Is everybody happy, apart from me?

–  Hello

–  Zeus! Hi!

–  Well, of course I remember you!

–  A drink? Tonight? Well, I’d love to

–  Stop it! You’re tickling me!

–  Zeus, meet my friends, Bridget and Nick

–  Hi

–  Hi

–  Well, hello, Zeus!

–  Annie, where did you find him?

–  Yeah, but he doesn’t wear glasses, though does he?

–  We’ve had a lovely evening, haven’t we, Zeus?

–  Wonderful, Annie

–  Now I must say goodnight

–  Please, first may I use your bathroom?

–  Certainly

–  Thank you

–  Zeus is such a gentle man

–  He certainly is a man

–  Hi

–  Annie, I must talk to you

–  What about? Your date with Lola?

–  My date with Lola?

–  Annie, Lola is a 60 – year – old chief executive for ATV

–  What’s ATV?

–  Argentinian Television

–  And…

–  She wants me to return to Argentina to present their number one show

–  But I don’t want to go…I want to stay here with you

–  That’s better

–  Hector, this is…

–  Zeus, my new boyfriend

–  We’ve had a lonely evening, haven’t we! Come on, I’ll say goodbye to you downstairs!

–  So, Hector, will you take the job?

–  What do you think I should do, Annie?

Những mẫu chuyện nhỏ về tình yêu, tình bạn giữa 4 nhân vật trong phim tuy đơn giản, nhưng rất thú vị và giúp bạn học được nhiều tiếng anh mỗi ngày. Tập 3 sẽ có những tình huống hài hước và bất ngờ nào nữa, hãy tự học tiếng anh cơ bản qua video Extra với Aroma trong các tập tiếp theo nhé!

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